So, today was a low point for Liverpool for two reasons:

1) LFC were winning 2-0 and ended up tied 2-2 against Sunderland. A team on the verge of relegation.
2) I fell asleep when it was 1-0 and I am supposed to be the Kopite on HotFooty

***This has now evolved from a recap to a “napcap.”

Have you ever taken a nap and you are in a state of paralysis and can’t move?
At one point I thought my wife was talking to me about my sister-in-law coming over; which was impossible because she was still asleep in the bedroom.

I finally snapped out of it when I heard the reaction to Jermain Defoe’s equalizer and found my arm numb and had to throw it out from under me in its noodle-like state.

So, if you are still with me here your probably wondering what the hell this post is about and honestly I’m not really sure.

Am I a hack fan for not being able to stay awake during the hypnotic pendulum that is Liverpool’s offensive attack right now?

It was a late night with my fellow HotFooty founders; coming up with ideas for unique content for our fans (wives and mothers). Not to mention I work a full time job slinging Belgian Beer from Maine to Hilton Head.

I am starting to realize that American soccer fans NEED Major League soccer to be successful!

These EPL TV times from 7am-12pm are not realistic for consistent viewership on this side of the pond for the following reasons:

1) Relationships: “Sorry honey I am going to take my Cheerios to the TV and when Liverpool is over NFL pre-game starts”. “Oh you want to go get brunch in Williamsburg…is it a footy bar?” Yea, right!
2) Fatigue: I get up everyday at 7am. Saturday I like a natural rise time.
3) Questionable Alcohol Consumption Times: 7am Guinness at 11th St. Bar in NYC with my fellow supporters is far too much fun. Not good.

America NEEDS Major League Soccer’s TV Schedule. America NEEDS HotFooty. America NEEDS to build a…sorry, I am watching the debate.