The first day of the weekend has wrapped up and we’ve had some great goals. Here’s the HotFooty favorites:
Seattle got one back late when Lodeiro’s free kick went all the way through. That’s 6 assists and 3 goals in 7 games. Not a bad start.

Portland scored early and held on to beat RSL in a huge matchup in the West. This puts Portland above the red line and with SJQuakes and Seattle drawing, they’re breaking away from those two stragglers.

This goal was pretty poor from the Dallas Keeper, but what a massive 1 point win from Colorado. This brings them to within 5 points of Dallas with two games in hand for the top of the West and Supporter’s Shield. Reminder, Colorado was dead last in the MLS West last year.

The Crew are straight up awful, and as we discussed in the podcast I think their coach should be updating the old resume. But this goal from the other Kamara was straight up ninja nasty.

I hate to say it, but this goal from the Revs was very nice. They deservedly beat on the NYCFC squad yesterday, though having Maxime Chanot and Tommy McNamara on the bench probably didn’t help. Their midfield and back four were straight awful until RJ Allen came in, and even then they only looked better going forward.

Here’s RJ Allen doing what he does best, getting forward and zipping balls into the box. Lampard confidently got on the end of one and for a minute it looked like NYCFC had some momentum. But then the NYCFC defense happened.