6 Reasons this International Break Sucked for MLS – March 2017 injuries edition

Are you enjoying this international break? All of your favorite players from your favorite clubs get together with strangers to kick and maim each other in the name of national pride.

Yes, I’m a massive supporter of USMNT and want to see them win and qualify for the World Cup. But as we discuss in the podcast, can you imagine if you’re a huge Dortmund supporter and you see Pulisic get taken out by a Panamanian sub playing “sweep the leg”? I have heart palpitations every time Alexis Sanchez is placed on a soccer field in Chile where he runs around like a psycho path sobbing and screaming and scoring until he can’t physically walk. I’ll give it to him he heals like Wolverine by the time he has to play for Arsenal again, but still it’s not cool. Players just seem to get more beat up on international break. MLS clubs seemed to be hit particularly hard this time.

So here’s some reasons why this particular international break has really sucked for the MLS. This is in no particular order, and I’d like to thank Google Translate in advance…

1. Ignatio Piatti injured hip

The Argentinian picked up a hip nack paddy wack over the weekend, and he’s apparently ruled out for the next game. THANKS INTERNATIONAL BREAK.

The troubles don’t end there for Montreal Impact…

2. Laurent Ciman injured knee with Belgium

Hey there’s another injury over break. He’ll miss this next game as well. THANKS FOR THE MEMORIES INTERNATIONAL BREAK!

There’s more.

3. Ambroise Oyongo didn’t get to train with the team after international duty due to having transportation issues getting back.

This is a new one. His Cameroon national team forgot to buy him a return ticket to Montreal. So Montreal is potentially out their starting Center and Left backs and their premier playmaker.MERCI BEAUCOUP DE RUPTURE INTERNATIONALE!

4. Romell Quioto out a few weeks with dislocated shoulder

In the game against the USMNT, Honduras starter and Houston Dynamo stud Forward Quioto popped his shoulder out. Good times. BIENVENIDOS A GOOD TIMES HOTEL INTERNATIONAL BREAK.

5. Sebastian Lletget to miss four to six MONTHS with foot injury

An absolutely brutal injury for Lletget, I really feel for the dude. He was playing great this year for Galaxy and earned a starting spot in a crucial game for the USMNT. He scores a goal, get tackled way hard, gets taken off and boom, season over. Ugh. VETE A LA MIERDA PAUSA INTERNACIONAL

6. Josef Martinez out four to six weeks with left quad injury

UGHHHHHHH. This dude was on fire with 5 goals in his last 2 games before going down with a quad injury in his game for Venezuela. Damnit. Atlanta fans must be pissed. ESPERO QUE VAYAS A COMER UN CERDO INTERNACIONAL DESCANSO

Us MLS fans should consider ourselves lucky more players didn’t come back injured, especially Seattle fans who somehow escaped unscathed despite 6 players leaving for break. Whatever the case, I’m glad MLS is back this weekend. Enjoy the games.

Jermaine Jones probably getting injured on this play