In case you were unaware, the HotFooty guys are fans of 30 yard bangers curling into the top corner. We’re even more fans of it when guys from New York do it. In celebration of our own @DannyHotFooty running into #NYCFC fan favorite Tommy McNamara today, we’re presenting you with 5 great reasons to love Tommy McNamara.

Tommy is smart

How many MLS stars can say they graduated an Ivy League university (Brown) and then enrolled in a masters program (Clemson), all while playing five years of NCAA soccer (one redshirted season at Brown)? How many more parenthesis can you add into one sentence? The answer to those questions is not many, but T-Mac has done it. He’ll outwit you on the pitch and in the locker room, and I imagine him and Frank Lampard get into wit-offs where they yell puzzling riddles at eachother until one of them faints. Apparently Frank Lampard is smart, btw. That’s why he’s in the joke. Let’s move on.

Tommy doesn’t give one crap what you think of his haircut

You think a guy like T-Bones McNamagic cares about your opinion of his haircut? The answer to that is “Does the Pope shit in the woods?” And the answer to that is “No. What kind of person would think that?” Want some proof that he doesn’t care? Here you go:


Tommy giving zero sh*ts

Tommy doesn’t have time to carefully craft a styled do post-game. He’s got game tape to watch and beats to listen to. no sh*ts given by Tommy here

Does this look like a guy that would conceivably give you a single sh*t even if you asked him to? These are devolving, but the point remains to be proved. One more…

I honestly don’t even know what to say here. Other than you better not get Tommy in the secret Santa this year because he isn’t going to be giving anyone any of his sh*ts. Ok, that was a real stretch and I’m not sure made any sense.

The point of all this is that Tommy has been in the league for over two years now and he rocks his own unique style this whole time right in everyone’s face. Gotta love that confidence, and if I’m being honest I’m kind of hoping he starts a new trend.

Tommy Scores crazy goals

Here’s a few samples:


and going to throw this last one in here because he basically takes a kick to the face in order to score. love the determination here.

Tommy Loves the Fans

Tommy isn’t a guy to shy away from the fans. Just ask our very own @DannyHotFooty

wait for it…MacAttack shows up real late.

I’m pretty sure Tommy is conducting business and took his time out of business conduction to take selfies with people.

Patrick Vieira sees something in him

One of the greatest of all time at hustling, Patrick Vieira, knows a hustler when he sees one. The coach of NYCFC is an all time legend in the midfield, doesn’t stand for lazy players, and if someone that great says “I love Tommy Mac” then you know you’ve got a hustler on your hands. It’s evident every game out on the pitch. T-Money McNamaddogg has the right attitude about the whole thing. I love this quote from him about playing with legends from an article MLS did about him:

“I think it’s a pretty normal human reaction – when you immediately get placed on a team with those guys and you’re playing against the Giovincos of this league, your first reaction is, ‘Wow, these are some of the best players in the world,” McNamara says. “These are guys that I grew up watching.’ But you quickly get over that.

“The guys on our team have been great. They treat us as equals – you don’t necessarily look up to them or defer to them – I think that’s the biggest thing, you have to realize that you’re on the same team and you’re equals as a result of it.”

Confident without cocky. A huge asset to have under your belt, and exactly the type of player the MLS needs. Whether you’re a NYCFC supporter or not, keep your eye out for this Irish American maestro.