2017 MLS HotFooty Power Top And Power Bottom Rankings – WEEK 2

Each week we’ll be presenting the HotFooty Power Top 3 and Power Bottom 3 right here on these very pages. It is a look at a pseudo mid-season relegation and promotion. Promotion to where? I don’t know. Relegation to where? No clue. Without freddy adu here are the rankings:

Week 2 of the 2017 MLS season is now behind us and it looks like the 0-0 draws are too. Don’t ever say the HotFooty power rankings never did anything for you.

Power Top 3:

1) NYRB: ran into a charged up Tim Howard and still came out on top. Quite possibly also gave Tim war time flashbacks of Belgium in ’14
2) NYCFC: Ring is legit, Wallace is wiley, Villa has his goal scoring haircut back, Harrison does what he wants when he wants. Welcome to the danger zone. Enjoy
3) Portland Timbers: nothing like popping down the 105 to LA for a quick W in the sunshine. If I know Portland don’t be surprised to see them tifo tribute to Greg Louganis, the only male and the second diver in Olympic history to sweep the diving events in consecutive Olympic Games.

Power Bottom 3:

20) Columbus Crew: if Columbus’ crew had started like that we wouldn’t have the United States to call home right now. Think about that when you think about doing this again.
21) DC United: not the first group of men to enter the home of the yanks and undergo comprehensive defeat
22) Minnesota United Football Club: there are few things in life that are absolutes and one is if you’re a team from Minnesota and you lose in the snow to a team from Hotlanta then you have got a problem(s)