Portugal won the Euro 2016 in extra time 1-0; beating the French on their home turf (grass).

HotFooty recently asked the question of who will have a better international legacy, Messi or Ronaldo. Well, let us reaffirm that answer once again: Ronaldo.

Those are tears of joy from Ronaldo. Funnily enough thats the same face I made when I saw Joachim Löw treat his coin purse like an amusement park nearly a month ago.

Before the team even had a chance to hug each other, following the final whistle, commentators with “European” accents started diminishing the win and called the champions style “anti-football.”

Now, I understand what they are saying but they played with what they had. Ronaldo left the game in the 23′ and they still got it done.

Let’s save the “France gave away that game” talk for Monday morning. For now let’s praise the underdog story.

An unlikely hero, Éderzito António Macedo Lopes, stepped up and scored the winning goal…that’s all that matters. 50 Years from now when some kid is on Wikipedia to look at past champions he is not going to care that it was  won in an “anti-football” style.

Portugal got to the dance and left with the girl…GET OVER IT!

They executed a team strategy, albeit a boring one and in the end they won…without many superstars.



Lastly, did HotFooty have anything to do with Portugal winning? Yes, 100%. My late night pep talks with Ronaldo made all the difference in the world. My wife would get mad when my phone would blow up  at 2 a.m. and she would say “Is that Cristiano again?” and I would say “He needs me babe, he’s my bro.”

Side Note: When Ronaldo was running around the pitch and dancing with his knee wrapped up holding the trophy was every Real Madrid fan petrified?

So Portugal on behalf of HotFooty, you’re welcome and Congrats!