This is what you want in a Euro Semi-final, Ronaldo vs. Joe Allen…just kidding I mean Aaron Ramsey.

Gareth Bale must be feeling more pressure than his hairline feels from his man-bun. Ronaldo has  1/3 of the Iberian Peninsula on his shoulders.

It has been three days since the last Euro match of France vs. Iceland and that game was a snooze. So, really it has been 4 days since the last quality Euro match of Italy vs. Germany and it feels like a lifetime for me.

We are down to the final four here: Portugal, Wales, Germany & France. These are the matches you hope for.

After spending the last 10 days in Portugal watching these games in their proper hour of 8pm I am not happy about this 3pm foolishness.

Having spent that time in Portugal I’m officially a fan now and basically Ronaldo’s best friend so I am predicting a 3-1 win for the Red & Green (thats what Cristiano and I call ourselves…The paparazzi call us CrisDanAldo but whatever).

I will be live tweeting the match @DannyHotFooty so check me out.