I leave today for Lisbon, Portugal and as luck would have it, I land with plenty of time to find a place to watch Portugal vs Croatia at 3:00 EST.

Soccer is religion is Portugal and I can’t wait to watch Ronaldo run over Croatia with his people.

My goal is to write a HotFooty diary and see how many people are willing to talk to an American about soccer.

Going to sport these luscious soccer dress socks as well and see if I can get Mourinho or Ronaldo to buy a pair.

I think I may need to buy one of these Mint-Chocolate-Chip Jersey’s because they look great with a tan and god knows I am going to make Cristiano look like a Saltine once these Mediterranean rays start tickling the old melanin.

A little known fact is that one of the first players I clung to after visiting Anfield was the Portuguese Raul Meireles who is coming back to the EPL with Bournemouth.

If I have time between nibbling on some Polvo à Lagareiro and sipping on Vinho Verde I will try to check in.

Everyone enjoy your weekend.

To get you there with a smile here are some Ronaldo World Cup Highlights …they love this guy there.