The oldest tournament in the world is upon us June 3rd and you need to be prepared with the Copa America TV schedule. Every game is being shown on national TV, so no excuses. USA games are highlighted.

Group A: USA, Columbia, Costa Rica, Paraguay

Friday, June 3: USA vs. Colombia, 9:30pm EST – FS1
Saturday, June 4: Costa Rica vs. Paraguay, 5pm EST – FOX
Tuesday, June 7: USA vs. Costa Rica, 8pm EST – FS1
Tuesday, June 7: Colombia vs. Paraguay, 10:30pm EST – FS1
Saturday, June 11: USA vs. Paraguay, 7pm EST – FS1
Saturday, June 11: Colombia vs. Costa Rica, 9pm EST – FS2

Group B: Haiti, Peru, Brazil, Ecuador

Saturday, June 4: Haiti vs. Peru, 7:30pm EST – FS2
Saturday, June 4: Brazil vs. Ecuador, 10pm EST – FS1
Wednesday, June 8: Brazil vs. Haiti, 7:30pm EST – FS1
Wednesday, June 8: Ecuador vs. Peru, 10pm EST – FS2
Sunday, June 12: Ecuador vs. Haiti, 6:30pm EST – FS2
Sunday, June 12: Brazil vs. Peru, 8:30pm EST – FS1

Group C: Jamaica, Venezuela, Mexico, Uruguay

Sunday, June 5: Jamaica vs. Venezuela, 5pm EST – FOX
Sunday, June 5: Mexico vs. Uruguay, 8pm EST – FS1
Thursday, June 9: Uruguay vs. Venezuela, 7:30pm EST – FS1
Thursday, June 9: Mexico vs. Jamaica, 10pm EST – FS1
Monday, June 13: Mexico vs. Venezuela, 8pm EST – FS1
Monday, June 13: Uruguay vs. Jamaica, 10pm EST – FS1

Group D: Panama, Bolivia, Argentina, Chile

Monday, June 6: Panama vs. Bolivia, 7pm EST – FS1
Monday, June 6: Argentina vs. Chile, 10pm EST – FS1
Friday, June 10: Chile vs. Bolivia, 7pm EST – FOX
Friday, June 10: Argentina vs. Panama, 9:30pm – FOX
Tuesday, June 14: Chile vs. Panama, 8pm – FS1
Tuesday, June 14: Argentina vs. Bolivia, 10pm – FS1