The first weekend of UEFA Euro 2016 has ended and it featured some very excellent soccer. If you missed out, here’s a few of the best goals from Euro 2016 we saw during week one, ranked 1 to 6.

6. Giroud scores beautiful leaping header, doesn’t rustle hair at all, lands spin move like a boss

This guy is a goal scoring machine for France right now. But this wasn’t even close to the best goal from this game.

5. When Candreva’s chip hit’s Pellè’s eye like a big pizza pie that’s a goal

Italy made this look too easy. Immobile cruising up the midfield, listening to JT’s new song of the summer (SOTS), oh hey look, there’s Candreva! Oh look again, it’s Pelle! and we’re done here.

4. England’s Dier delivers a fresh basket of crumpets to Russia’s house, Russia let’s him in, immediately regrets it

Let’s be real, this should have been saved, but it was a good kick over the wall with a ton of pace and the field photographer (who I guess is photographing hot people in the stands instead of the game, weirdo) gets bombarded by the celebration and then Walker apparently tries to grab the man’s belly. Very strange situation and one I’d like more information about.

3.  Bonucci drops a fresh bolognese in front of Giaccherini who pairs it with a 1997 barolo

This absolutely gorgeous pass from Bonucci deserves to be bottled and aged 50 years and opened by Pirlo’s grandchild on his wedding day. Complimenti!

2. The day is March 17th, 2038, Wes Hoolhaan pays for a drink for the first time since 2016, and that was for his son on his 21st Birthday

Ireland unfortunately blew it on an own goal later in the match, but at least they’ll always have this. Only the fourth Irishman to score in the Euros.

1. Payet is a MANIAC and cannot be stopped. Candidate for goal of the tournament right here

Payet has been doing magical things in England for West Ham all year long and there’s no shortage of mystical spells to go around. Ridiculous goal, and he was on the giving end of the Giroud goal as well.