Sunderland vs Manchester United Recap – Week 26 – Hoof Notes

Final Score: Sunderland 2 – 1 Manchester United

  1. it is dark here right now
  2. the light is getting ever dimmer with a reddish tint fading fast and time is slowing like we’re approaching the event horizon of a another Champions League black hole season
  3. the slop on display by United in the 2nd half would put the Denver Bronco offense to shame. It was like the Denver defense was playing the Denver offense and Schneiderlin played the role of falling Peyton.
  4. The 2nd half was stunning. Your Body is a Sunderland came out on fiyah playing like the only team with something on the line. You’d think the halftime team talk from LVG was: “ok, first half: we were too fast”
  5. LVG has now amassed fewer points than David Moyes at the same point in the season. You’ve got to believe Mopey Moyes is out there somewhere smiling ear to ear like a grown man wearing a star wars t-shirt in Disney World holding a soft pretzel shaped like mickey mouse.
  6. Another game another defender down for United. Darmian was confirmed with a dislocated shoulder after the match. His replacement was 21 year old Scotsman Donald Allstair Love (ton of name based potential there). The backline is completely out of order and if Smalling doesn’t play perfectly then there will be problems. Going to try to cling to the top banana crosses from Cameron Borthwick-Jackson.


Sunderland vs Manchester United Recap