This was a shocker although probably not the biggest shocker on the day (looking at you FC Dallas). The Galaxy played a pretty different lineup than expected with Ashley Cole sitting for the rookie Steres. This turned out not so good in the dying minutes of the game when a Steres miscue in their box resulted in giving up the game winner in the 95th minute. Tough noogies. Quick #HoofNote coming in hot:

    • Magee completely disappeared. 1 shot off target and 1 cross. No successful dribbles or key passes. He was that one friend where you go out together but lose him halfway through the night and his phone’s dead so you’re just like “screw it” and cab home. But then you call Emmanuel Boateng on the way home and say “you out?” and head back out to meet Boa.
    • Gashi has a heck of a left foot on him. A few nice rips from distance and definitely looked dangerous a few times. 4 shots, 2 on target
    • I don’t think it was a good idea to sit Ashley Cole for Steres. Yes, Steres played a good game for most of last week and this week, but why bench the guy you just brought in and shift up everyone’s defensive mindset, especially when Rogers has been training to play on the right. Doubt we’ll see that lineup again soon.
    • Here’s the goal by Marco Pappa who had about as good a game as you could ask for with 3 shots all on target and the winner in 95′