The Montreal Impact completed the late comeback against Chicago with a stoppage time SALAMI from club superstar Nacho Piatti.  This game should have been on TNT (because they know drama. Get it? Sorry).

Chicago Fire 1 – 2 Montreal Impact

With time winding down in the game Piatti collected a pass a few yards outside the left side of the box and ripped open a polly-o string cheese from downtown. It is a beautiful shot and you should watch it right now.  Videos courtesy of

This game also featured a backheel flippsy-do from Drogba. Montreal has to put up with a lot with this guy, namely him not wanting to play on anything other than supple cushioned trampoline sod, but the man sure can score. I’ll also give him a little credit for not wanting to play on turf, namely because it’s HORRIBLE AND A DISGRACE TO SPORTS. Just don’t tell that to Seattle.