Arsenal needed 3 points out of this match to guarantee themselves a top 3 spot and tickets to the Champions League, but only 1 point to guarantee them a top 4 spot. Want to guess what they did?

Manchester City 2 – 2 Arsenal

May 8, 2016: English Premier League, Week 37

Overall, Man City pressed Arsenal all game and was able to pin them back due to the Arsenal midfield’s inability to maintain possession at times, but Arsenal was able to withstand the attack and hit back when they could; scoring 2 times off of 2 chances on goal.

  • Manchester City started very strong with a hard press on Arsenals fully bus-parked defense and it paid off early when Aguero made himself some space in the Arsenal box and drilled a low shot past Cech into the right side of the net. 1-0
  • Almost immedately following Man City almost nodded in an own goal when Clichy attempted a header back to the keeper which missed Joe Hart and bounced off the post for a corner.
  • The following corner was expertly headed by Olivier Giroud past Joe Hart into the net to level the score and give Giroud his first goal in 15 PREMIER LEAGUE GAMES. That’s a ridiculous number of games for a top class striker but I’m happy for the guy to get it out of the way. 1-1
  • Sergio Aguero is as good as eating diablo buffalo wings before a transatlantic flight is bad. No movie on that flight either.
  • Arsenal’s Egyption midfielder Elneny looked excellent all game making crucial tackles and possession of the ball in midfield and was getting some defensive help from Ramsey as well.
  • Not long after half, the Belgian Waffle De Bruyne made a run straight up the middle and despite having several defenders back neither Gabriel nor Koscielny could make a challenge and De Bruyne slipped one to the left past Cech from outside of the box. 2-1
  • Theo was sent into the box beautifully and had only Joe Hart to beat but in the most typical Theo Walcott fashion he chips the keeper wide on a horrible touch. USELESS.
  • Sanchez collected a ball in midfield, made a run down the middle, and then played a pass off of Giroud who deflected back to Sanchez it like he was dipping kettle cooked jalepeno chips in the last queso dip on earth. Sanchez one timed blasted it past a wrong footed Joe Hart. HUGE GOAL. 2-2
  • Wilfreid Bony put a gorgeous volley off of the bar in the dying minutes of the game which would have brought just about everyone in Manchester to tears. Good or bad.
  • A rash of yellow cards from Man City at the end saw Alexis and Giroud take a tumble, but at the end of the day Arsenal was able to maintain enough composure to keep City at bay. Huge point from Arsenal, securing themselves a top 4 spot, with the opportunity to go for 3rd next week against the reeling Aston Villa.