Liverpool vs Manchester City: Capital One Cup Final

Liverpool 1 – 1 Manchester City (MC wins 3-1 in Penalties)

Even though this was the Capital One Cup and the least prestigious silverware in the Premier League, I am upset. I will try to make this HoofNote impartial and free of my usual “self loathing supporter” routine.

I am not going to wax on like Hoff :

  • “If only Arsenal (insert fantasy) we would have (insert fantasy).
  • “If the ref’s were built by Skynet we would have won!”

Here is my analysis of Liverpool…there are 8 teams better than them. I have not written a HoofNote in two matches because one game they score 100 goals and the next game 0. They are exhausting me.

  • Sakho head-butted Emre Can in the Occipital Lobe (reused this joke because I like it…got a problem?) and knocked himself out of the game. Thanks for playing.

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    • Fernandinho scores on a snooker shot that Mignolet could have saved if he remained standing in place. Instead he opened up space like a mini-golf windmill.
    • Alberto Moreno got away with tripping Sergio Aguero which should have been a PK goal.
    • Coutinho scored a cup cake equalizer when the ball landed right at his right foot after Lallana put it off the post. He then celebrated by running into the stands like he just won the World Cup.
    • Raheem Sterling shanks an easy goal. This game should have been 3-1 in reality.
    • FT Ends 1-1 and 30 minutes extra time ends 1-1 and the game goes to PK’s.
    • Manchester City scores more penalties than Liverpool and win who cares. The real story is Pellegrini leaving in Willy Caballero over Joe Hart and watching him stone Lucas, Coutinho and Lallana. Joe Hart must be screaming in his sleep!

  • Tale of Two Liverpool PK’s. Emre Can shows brass plums with a cute chip and Coutinho does the old stutter step and then hits it in the same direction the goal keeper is moving in. Stunning!


  • Liverpool proves that possession time ultimately means nothing if you do nothing with it. 61% time with the ball and not scoring is like walking arm in arm with your Girl Friend in the hallway in high school but she’s doing the QB behind the bleachers during study hall.
    • Side Note: Emre Can and Divock Origi may be the future of this club. Can is growing on me and I think Origi is going to be the Red Shirted Lukaku.
  • Sakho wasn’t happy? I did the same thing with a Mortadella Panini with sun dried tomatoes that I constructed at half time. Does anyone know how to get sun-dried-tomato oil out of a Pottery Barn rug?

Pellegrini Bringing Willy Caballero back from the dead  “Rise my Argentinean Zombie!”