Liverpool vs Machester City Recap – Week 28


Liverpool 3 – 0 Manchester City


What a difference four days make. The Capital One Final feels like ages ago!


I am so happy, I could cry. 3-0 vs  Man City is something to be happy about. 6-0 vs Aston Villa is not something to be excited about. Anfield was loud today my friends. In the 72′ the singing washed over me like “One Sweet Day” by Mariah Carey and Boys-II-Men. This was not singing to stay warm or awake. This was the sound of joy and it warmed my icy heart! I felt like Pinnochio when he becomes a real boy.



Ok, let’s look at the #HoofNotes
  • Pellegrini put Baby (Willy Caballero) in the corner (the bench). After his PK domination it must have stung to stand by and watch Lallana beat Hart by an inch for the opening goal of the match.
  • Liverpool straight up dominated the midfield and tied up Manchester City’s passing lanes. They stripped the ball away many times and played with a sustained a level of energy and intensity throughout the game. Honestly, thats the best part of this match for true Supporters.
  • Sterling was eating Jon Flanagan for Lunch. He got burnt so many times Klopp is holding him over a trash bin right now scraping off the ashes with a butter knife. He did recover and stop a very key forward pass in the box with a minute in extra time in the first half. So, he’s still good…just use a lot of butter.
  • Firmino had a few great forward runs and was able to maintain possession when contested a few times like the ball was glued to his foot. But he lacks the break away speed to go the distance and he is starting to dish the ball more decisively,which he displayed today. He has now scored and assisted in three of his last five Premier League appearances for Liverpool.
  • The Goals!
    • Lallana 34′ – He squeaked a long and low ball by Joe Hart in the near right corner. It was squeaky.
    • Milner 41′ – Firmino placed a lovely ball right past Kompany and  right into Milner’s hoof in full sprint and he finished.
    • Firmino 57′-  Henderson played a ball into Origi which got broken up and Lallana snatched up and dished to Firmino.

It was nice to see that Liverpool had a pulse today, but I would not be true to myself if I did not consider the dark side. Being the youngest of three brothers, if I ever beat them at something I would always be looking over my shoulder for any sign that they let me win. It was usually a subtle smirk of some sort and then I would attack them and cry like Ralphie when he beats up Scut Farkus. Look at Pelligrini below…I don’t like it.