Wily veteran Frank Lampard has scored his second goal in as many games for NYCFC, giving the boys in blue the helping hand they needed to keep the win streak alive. Literally, it was a handball. It would have been very difficult to have made that call on the field, but upon very close inspection it appears to go redirect off his arm into the goal. Soooo Lampardsh. His goals are never that pretty, but this one was downright ugly. This goal was that baby everyone knows is really quite hideous but you can’t say that to the parents, but when you’re home you fall to your knees and pray to the lord that you don’t have a baby that looks like an alien gave birth to a raisin. You can’t tell Lampard, hey buddy, ugly goal but congrats. You just stick with, hey buddy, you scored!

Regardless of how you should congratulate Franky, the goal proved to be the difference against a depleted but fiery Seattle side. They had several opportunities spurned by the often-sliding-on-the-ground Jordan Morris, but the slightly different back four for NYCFC held strong to keep a clean sheet. (Mena got the start in place of Hernandez in the center back role for NYCFC.) Seattle only mustered two shots on target all game despite matching NYCFC in possession and whipping in 25 crosses. Seattle has now lost 5 of their last 6. Missing Dempsey much?

Here’s the goal getting everyone all riled up, but in reality Seattle probably deserve the loss on the day anyway after a pretty good display from NYCFC.