MLS Pre-season – February 3, 2016:

Portland Timbers 1 – 1 Houston Dynamo

The two MLS squads traded light blows in the friendly pre-season bout.  Both teams are just working on chemistry, formations, and how to celebrate goals. Is it a team thing or an individual effort?  personally i think we all deserve more team celebrations where one guy pretends to bowl over all the other guys.  pure class and the USA needs more class these days.

  • Beasley comes down with a case of “slidey hoof” which leads to Portland Timbers’ Darion Asprilla popping one off the far post and into the net.
  • Once the backups all came on after halftime, Houston Dynamo coach Owen Coyle who is the most Scottish thing to ever happen to Texas, was probably pondering deeply about “what in the wooly dick is a Dynamo?”
    • Side Hoof Note on Owen Coyle: Check out his career sometime. Pretty stellar track record as a manager in England for lower level clubs. He once reached the FA Cup semifinal with Bolton and was also the manager at Bolton when the recently retired (at 30!  good for the guy) Stuart Holden was signed over there.  Good on him for giving the US some love.  Oh and he scored in a friendly for Bolton at 44. #HoofRespect
  • In the 74th minute, Houston equalized with a strike from Manotas. Hooray Manotas.  Pretty good run in behind the defense though.  Am I still analyzing this?
  • Can we talk about how awkward this photo is that the official Dyanamo twitter account posted? It definitely looks like he’s saying “oooooohhhhhh f*ck!”

  • At the end, it was a pointless game but at least there’s some real MLS players kicking it around in early Feb.  Looking forward to actually getting into some real games.