Hoof Notes: Leicester City vs Liverpool

February 2nd – 2016:

Leicester City 2 – 0 Liverpool 

  •  Lovren’s performance reminds me of the time when I was in 9th Grade and I accidentally walked into an AP Math Class. I was ignoring everything and doodling per usual and someone said “logarithm”. Eyebrows furrowed I looked up and surveyed the room. Not seeing any familiar faces I got up and walked out. Never looked back. The difference is that Lovren doesn’t leave.
  • Moreno get’s into the box with 4 of his brethren eagerly awaiting his cross and he rifles up a souvenir to the Leicester faithful. Plenty of chances for Liverpool…0 execution. Not to take anything away from the Foxes, they are top of the table good offensively.
  • Jamie Vardy with a world class goal that dropped into the net like a mortar round.