February 2, 2016 – English Premier League:

Arsenal 0 – 0 Southampton

On a disappointing day for the Gunners, Alexis, Ozil, and pals let too many chances go unfinished.  They’ve now only earned 3 points out of their last four league matches.

  • Arsenal had a very different lineup from the FA Cup bout, and most notably absent from even the bench was new guy Elneny.
  • Southampton, who sported their “Nuclear Leprechaun” green jerseys, were without new stud Charlie Austin.  All that guy does is score goals.
  • Forrester, the guy dressed like a hairy banana in net for Southampton, had the game of his life.  Arsenal couldn’t sneak a fart past this guy on the day.
  • Highly paid Arsenal striker, Theo Walcott, came on from the bench but continues to underwhelm in the new year.  His presence has not been felt as of late and many are starting to worry if he’s in fact sad about global warming.
  • Olivier Giroud, dapper striker for the Arse, had his shirt tugged at and even ripped. Many fans wanted to know more and wrote Giroud personal letters to hear more about the shirt being ripped.
  • Southampton somehow managed not to score with Arsenal’s aging futballer and budding biologist Flamini fomping around the field. He has his moments, but the majority of time it appears he thinks he’s stealing second base for the Yankees.
  • Arsenal missed a whopping 11 chances to score, and at the end of it all, they’re knocked down to fourth of the Premier League table.

“I’m not going back out there! The big Eagle will eat my eyes!”

“Did Mane call me an Eagle again?”