March 6, 2016 – MLS Week 1


Chicago Fire 3 – 4 NYCFC


I am not going to piss on your shoes and tell you it’s raining…this game wasn’t pretty.
The Blue’s attacked quick and often and their midfield performed well, which led to over 60% possession. However, their defense let Chicago into a game they had no right being in. But a win is a win.
  • Good Morning West Nyack, NY! Your boy Tommy McNamara (1 Goal,1 Assist) steals the show and scores the first goal of the MLS season. A gritty performance from the hometown boy who probably says he’s from Yonkers when he’s on the road. The real highlight was when he took the ball away from Chicago’s David Accam after his PK. It was  a laugh out loud funny moment and solidified why this is the real NYC team. Not the New York Frankie Valli’s.
  • Mix Diskerud scored on a sweet little volley from McNamara in the box. He was aggressive in the midfield and also had an assist on the day. Is he American or what? Born in Oslo…Ah who cares I am going with my next comment.
  • The American’s stole the show as Khiry Shelton (1 Goal,1 Assist) and Tony Taylor (Goal) contributed vital points considering the defensive collapse. I had to look for Villa on the field and Pirlo had a few nice long balls to stretch the defense out, but it was a relatively quiet day from the international stars. I am ok with that because if NYCFC can win when these guys are a non-factor, god bless!
  • City backs were all abysmal and we need to touch on Frederic Brillant one last time. I know I tore this kid up in a post already but, oh my god! NYC picked him up from K.V. Oostende in Belgium’s Jupiler League. Listen I have been to Belgium 18 times. I have watched many games in this league.  If you are not Club Brugge or Anderlecht it can get ugly out there. I have never seen anything like this defensive performance. Chicago almost seemed to know that if you pressed him he would collapse like those fainting goats.

But hey, it is week 1 and god knows I have shanked opening tee shots dangerously into neighboring fairways and still managed to put together decent rounds of golf. I am willing to chalk it up to jitters or food poisoning. But let’s see how he does in week 2…if Vieira starts him.

 This plane is landing in LaGuardia or JFK, not Newark!