February 13, Week 26

Chelsea 5 – 1 Newcastle United

  • 3 goals in the first 17 minutes. Willian to Costa. Pedro snatch and score. Costa to Willian. Great runs by all. Go read the romantic descriptions of each goal somewhere else (these are Hoof Notes after all) because this match was just rich with material, and I am far too lazy.
  • Pedro Picked off Rolando Aaron’s half-assed back pass and finished with a perfectly executed left footed strike that curled in around the left post. Aarron’s effort looked like he was using his foot to flip over roadkill to see if there was any life left in it. Newcastle Supporters may want to do that to Steve McClaren. Watching him sitting in the rain mournfully watching his team, open coat and longing for a hot toddy was just depressing. Look at his face while trying to smile…impossible.


  • Costa and Azpilicueta showed up masked to Stamford Bridge like it was the Carnival of Venice. At one point John Terry wept into the half line after a Mitrovic tackle and arose with white paint smeared on his face making Chelsea FC look more like the Broadway Cast of Lion King. Embracing the new Barclays logo I presume?  Terry would ultimately leave the game hobbled.
  • Newcastle have now lost 16 of their last 19 away games and have only scored 7 goals away from home this season. But on the bright side Townsend was there today. He has not been transferred yet…and…HE SCORED HIS FIRST GOAL! Go, Townsend! Put that new hardwood flooring in buddy, you’re a Magpie now…in the relegation zone.