March 8, 2016: FA Cup – Round 5 – 2016

Hull 0-4 Arsenal

Arsenal, playing a very different squad from the Tottenham clash over the weekend, gave itself a bit of a fright early on but in the end the slumping Giroud and Walcott each took home two goals to send the reigning champions into the FA Cup quarterfinals. This game was honestly not that good. Hull gave up a stinker for the first goal, and otherwise I don’t think it’s worth getting that much into. Here’s some things that were important though:

  • Mertesacker, then Gabriel, then Ramsey all hobbled off with injuries. Per’s was more of a head bleeding probably shouldn’t sleep tonight type of injury, but Ramsey’s was a thigh injury which he’s had trouble with before. Not good for the Welshman.
  • Alex Iwobi got into the game at center midfield and the long legged Nigerian looked solid. He’ going to be solid.
  • Flamini started, and for the first time in a while he didn’t give Arsenal the patented #FlamJam
  • Some repugnant fans held up a banner basically telling club manager Arsene Wenger to get lost and his time is done. During a 4-0 route. When they’re 3rd in the table with 9 games to go and nervous wreck Tottenham and Leicester are ahead of them. After 18 straight seasons qualifying for the Champions League. After 2 straight FA Cups. Fans like this make me ill. What is going to happen when the ‘Wenger Out’ crowd gets their wish? Who replaces him? What manager in the world hasn’t had an ‘off’ season with a major club and missed the Champs league in the last decade? Oh I know one, Arsene Wenger. GFY.
  • Probably the best thing of the whole match didn’t even happen on actual earth but in the wholesome world of Twitter. Some dingleberry troll tried taking on Arsenal legend Ian Wright and he was having absolutely none of it. Very good work there, chap.





This picture basically sums up the entire day: