Arsenal faced Crystal Palace at home on April 17th and desperately needed to come away with 3 points. They couldn’t because they have the defensive soft underbelly of cuddly wuddly meow meow and the attacking killer instinct of a plate of hotdogs. A very disappointing finish for the Gunners and once again chants of “Wenger Out” will be ringing the halls of Emirates.

This was the kind of game that gives Gunner fans heart palpitations, because despite absolutely dominating possession and shots Crystal Palace always looked like they could pounce on the counter and had a few good chances.

April 17, 2016: English Premier League, Week 34

Arsenal 1 1 Crystal Palace

  • Ozil should have scored in the ’43 but pooched it weakly right at the keeper on a perfect pass from Alexis that found Ozil streaking into the box. You know who would have finished that? Vardy. Kane. Snuffaluffagus.
  • Great sneaky chip from Welbeck found Alexis making a run into the box resulted in him daintily bopping it off his noggin, over the CP keeper’s head, and into the net. Good goal.
  • Ozil just missed banging in a free kick from the right hand side but it curled over the wall and just wide of the post.
  • Welbeck side biked one in to the goalies face. So there was that.
  • In the 81′, there was a collective gasp from Gooners worldwide when Coq let himself get beat one on one by Bolasie who ripped a low shot from way outside the box which somehow beat Petr Cech to the corner. Honestly, not sure how Cech didn’t get to this ball or how Coq didn’t even attempt to push Bolasie off the ball.


This season has been a constant reminder that Arsenal, for all their talent, is not a determined, consistent, or focused team. There are big gaps on defense, namely a properly communicating center back combo, but there are even deeper concerns on offense. The stunning lack of finishing capabilities from the forwards during 2016 has cost us more than a few games and not much seems to be changing. Iwobi has been a bright spot, Alexis is Alexis, and Welbeck tries so damn hard, but we need a deadly striker to finish off the obscene numbers of chances we create. As much as I like Welbeck, I think he’s a better option off the bench.

Onward and upward