February 13, 2016 – English Premier League Week 26

Swansea 0-1 Southampton

The Saints put in a solid shift against a dangerous Swansea team at home. The Welsch home side could never muster a strong enough attack despite feverish attempts at kicking the visiting side in the face. 

  • Fraser Forster, Southampton’s stellar keeper, kept a clean sheet for the sixth straight match. The guy is playing like a middle aged cougar at a bonjovi concert, willing and able to do absolutely anything. Anything. 
  • Shane Long got the better of the Swansea defense on the sole goal of the game. Heading a cross towards net, Fabianski, the Swansea goalie, should have done better with it. He looked like me trying to put the Brita filter back in the fridge. Almost always drop that thing. 
  • Swansea Midfielder and part time Rockette Jack Cork high kicked Southampton’s Ward-Prowse straight in the face. It kind of looked like a dive at first but in slow-mo, you can tell Cork really kicked his face very well indeed. 

Southampton moves up into the top six with the win. 

“We are fancy men and this is how we walk when we’re fancy!”