Cristiano Ronaldo was a young dude when he came over to Manchester United, so he thought he was just going to get his old playing number, 28, from his recent club Sporting (Portugal). Sir Alex Ferguson had a different plan, making him number 7 right off the bat and putting a bit of pressure on him. I think that old dude knew what he was doing. Ronaldo is paying tribute to that change with this new cleat that releases today in the Nike Superfly, Vapor, and NikeFootballX cleat styles (4/10/2017). It’s got some cool design cues, like the roman numeral XXVII (28) on the heel with the “VII” highlighted because that means 7 and some marketing nerd was feeling himself when they came up with that. It also is designed to look like a hot iron being put in the fire, which it actually kinda does look like that. I can’t lie, I kind of wanted to not like these, since the whole thing is slightly corny, but these are pretty sick. Hoff gives them a 4.2 Hoofs out of 5 (decimals are my thing now).

See that XXVII with the VII boldly popping out of it? Someone got a big promotion because of that