adidas continues their hot start to 2017 with the release of the Mundial Team pack in triple white and triple black. The off-field sneakers are a shoutout to the class Copa Mundial cleats we all remember as kids and are still being sold today. These limited edition kicks are definitely not for the casual soccer fan to rock as a commuter, but are designed to be a bit of a statement. Technically they can work as turf cleats as well but they aren’t being pitched that way by adidas in their press release. The shoe uppers are K-leather and the sole features a rubber tread that is wearable anywhere but designed to transition to a turf field.

I think these are pretty cool but I’m not too sure I love the turf cleat sole, and if you are really thinking of using these for actual soccer there are better performance options. Hoff gives these 3 out of 5 Hoofs, 3.5 out of 5 for the all black version.

They are available at the following high-quality retailers and online at the adidas store:

Niky’s (in-stores, LA/Cali)


What do you guys think? Would you wear these?