USA v. Costa Rica – 800pm ET June 7th- Chicago, IL

In a wonderful turn of events the US Men’s National Team has another soccer game tonight. A real chance to undo the doings, peel off the superglue, unrivet the unriveting performance from our frontal cortex of the previous match against Colombia. A quick word about Colombia: how do you say lucky in Colombian? My best piece of advice to their squad is to not let that weak game they trotted out there surface again in this tourney. The USMNT played at half staff and without an ignition switch on Friday and barely lost. If I were Colombia I’d consider myself quite lucky. It may also be a good idea to alert their players that if they’re going to dive don’t land on your shoulder socket. This all just free advice to our adversaries that’s a free one on us.

On to the more pressing matters. HotFooty score predictions for the USMNT game against Costa Rica on Tuesday night. Here they are in order of chances of happening:

Hoff6-0: Feasible. Especially when you factor in his idea for everyone to shave their heads in order to confuse the other team as to who is actually Michael Bradley.

Danny3-1: On balance it is possible. He’s giving the Tico’s a shot at a goal here and I just assume he’s factoring in a Patrick Pemberton last minute header in from a Brazilian corner play.

Dice2-0: Conservatively played. We’re talking about final scoreline here in terms of goals. Ask me about score in terms of posts hit and it’s 7-1 US.

The Costa Ricans have some players to watch especially up top. Head on a swivel for swivel hips Joel Campbell who likes to swing his left foot like a River Dance front man. Bryan Ruiz enjoys himself a good sweat and will certainly be an active, but gentlemanly, participant. Missing from the team will be newly red carded Kendall Watson and greek god reenactor Keylor Navas (through an achilles injury).

If you didn’t like the US team’s chances of winning this game before they lost to Colombia you should love them now. Bounce back wins after losses is somewhat of a specialty for the USMNT. In no way shape or form can they lose this game, some call that a must win but I don’t like to put that kind of pressure on the boys. Phrase it as a bounce back, restore your pride, nowhere to go but up, get fired up for a trucking type game and they will respond much better. Expect the usual orchestra of mistuned cellos and trombones when the lineup is announced but then immediately re-calibrate your expectations as whoever is out on this field tonight will know exactly what is expected of them to do their part to handcraft this win sculpture.

USA Costa Rica