It has been awhile since the last Tuesdays With Morris. A lot of soccer has been played since then. Many questions have come up and this is as good a place as any to address them. You have any you’d like answered? Fire em over. Lets get started shall we?

What would Jordan’s second best athletic activity be? 

  • I will give myself a bit of leeway with what qualifies as an athletic activity but for me the clear decision here is the ox in an ox-drawn plow.
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What size jersey does Jordan wear?

  • To ask what size jersey does Jordan wear is to ask with what kind of brush was the Sistine Chapel painted? Or in what direction does the wind blow at the Cliffs of Moher. The process that is required to construct a garment for this anotomical anomaly cannot be boiled down to S/M/L/XL. It is like Gossamer, and one does not dissect Gossamer


How will Clint Dempsey’s return to the Sounders impact Jordan Morris?

  • First off, who brought the soccer nerd? This is Tuesday’s With Morris not Double Jeopardy. I’ll do whats asked of me here though and answer the question. I don’t think this requires much thought. Clint Dempsey returning to the team, whether it means less playing time or not for Jordan, is a good thing. Easy one. Jordan knows it I know it and Drew Carey knows it. It is also true that when you get them on the field together Jordan will have a smart player around him causing issues for the opposing defense and opening up ample space for him and his wide frame to barrel through. If this is a partnership that develops and Clint keeps his legs there will be increased pressure on whoever is picking the next USMNT side.


How would you describe Jordan’s balance on his goal over the weekend?

  • The entire event was what I will call “neat”. His awareness of where he was in relation to the goal and the subsequent turn was the truly impressive part. The shot was easy after that. And the balance on the turn was a “wow I just tossed this nickel against the wall over there and it landed on its side. probably couldn’t do that again if I wanted to” moment.


This Tuesday With Morris: we all know when Jordan gets going it is hard to stop him. +10 on the Morris rating.