The Seattle Sounders played Orlando over the weekend. Clint Dempsey scored a hat-trick but perhaps more importantly Jordan Morris did all this:

Last week we thought he was going through a temporary phase of extraordinary generosity. But we all know kindness is contagious. And Jordan is now patient zero. He is Seattle’s own outbreak monkey. And Rene Russo is not around to intervene this time so who knows when this will stop. I mean I know we asked right here on these pages a few weeks back if he even needs to score to be loved in Seattle. But now we have to ask if Morris less, as in more assists are now making fans like him less. The only route I see out of this one is Nelson Valdez. And the reason being if Jordan’s sweet assists keep landing at Nelson’s feet then as we saw above the chances of it being converted into a goal are roughly equal to the percentage chance Seattle decides to move on from the coffee industry. Only consistent, abject failure to convert defense splitting passes into goals will snap Jordan out of this. Therefore Seattle’s clearest path to long term success will be short term failure by only playing Nelson Valdez up front with Jordan and leaving goal scoring machine Clint Dempsey on the bench for now.