“It’s arguably the biggest talking point coming out of Saturday’s announcement of the final 23-man Copa America roster: The omission of Seattle Sounders rookie Jordan Morris…We decided in this moment right now to go with Wondo. He’s in top form. He’s scoring a lot of goals for the Earthquakes. But always, when you take certain players in one area, you have to leave others out.”



This Is Awkward

Around this time last week, prior to the final roster announcement, right here on these very pages, I put my case forth for several players to be picked ahead of Jmo Smooth for the 23-man Copa roster. Well things move fast in the high stakes game of international soccer. Jordan was completely left off the roster. You know how you’d feel if you predicted a plane crash or maybe that your younger brother would fall off that bike and break his arm? Yes, you’re technically correct, but you aren’t exactly dropping down confetti from the rafters because of it.

Does The City Of Seattle Owe Jordan Morris An Apology?

What do Italians know how to do well? Food, wine, art, architecture, boatsmanship, building inner cities within a city, and obviously matters of international relations. If you need an honest opinion on some cross border diplomacy or a potentially controversial decision your first stop ought to be a 40+ year old native Italian. They will give it to you straight and you will walk out maybe not knowing what just happened but you feel calm and probably wiser. Well thanks to Antonio Conte we were able to secure a bit more of this Mediterranean wisdom this week as we now know that if you’re an MLS player you have less of a chance of being picked for your national side. It’s the simple transitive property of the sporting identity hierarchy. It is so simple and yet Seattle basically forced Jordan to play for them instead of crossing the Atlantic and living the dream playing in a league where the power is concentrated at the top and his team wouldn’t have a chance of winning a thing. So Seattle, whenever you’re ready Jordan will take his apology in the form of free yoga/balance beam lessons.

Is This The End For Jordan Morris?

How does a guy come back from an omission like this? Here are the facts as plain as can be: he’s 21 years old, he is a beloved starter for his club team, he is scoring goals and linking up with some great talent there (Clint Dempsey ever heard of him he just made the Copa roster), and if he continues to improve he’s in prime position for the next wave of major tourneys with the current crop aging. The situation is obviously bleak. Spring is not around the corner. We may have to up this to Tuesdays, Thursdays and half an hour on Sundays with Morris to get him through this canvas of darkness he is now staring at.


This Tuesday With Morris: Slight Upgrade. We’re going from Jordan in the dark to Jordan just got a spark. Look what you made me do Jurgen.