Over the weekend Seattle played Portland losing 3-1 and it wasn’t a great moment for the team. During said game this happened:

Naturally after something like this, one starts asking questions. Should Jordan have put this away? Was there time to take a touch? How many old Wondolowski tapes did Jordan watch before this game? The real question to ask here though is if you’re already the next big thing do you still even have to score goals?

The description below this clip on the MLS site was “MISS: Jordan Morris flubs a golden chance from in close”. Flub is an excellent word here and one that I am personally upset with myself for not having used first. Jordan’s has been a flub first campaign from the beginning yet he still rose to prominent fame as a starter for Seattle and one step away from the bench at the famed Copa America tournament this past summer. Flubs are what this career has been built on. I don’t want to say it but I will, if he had scored there it almost would have been more of a surprise to the fans than what actually happened:

Speaking of the fans, a lot depends on where your fan base is from and who is part of it. The Sounders are owned by Drew Carey. Drew Carey was on who’s line is it anyway and he was quite good at improv, i.e. making things up on the spot and not telling the truth. Drew Carey can pretend to love Jordan for as long as he physically wants to, goals or not. Other Seattle fans are still in a state of shock and awe from the Supersonics leaving town and wear their Shawn Kemp and Gary Payton jerseys to games. You didn’t hear me say anything about demanding goals in there did you.

Furthermore, Jordan is a very nice guy. As we discussed he does the small things well. Attitude, team chemistry etc. Scoring goals for Jordan are of secondary importance to just getting on the field, like Ben Affleck’s role choices in the mid 2000s. Just get them out there don’t worry about rotten tomatoes. Sometimes you gotta pump out a Gigli, Jersey Girl, and a Surviving Christmas to get to your Gone Girl.

This Tuesday with Morris: rating is a rotten tomatoes 6.3 right around the Sum of All Fears level.