If you’ve been following Jordan over the course of the last week you would have seen a few appearances in San Jose for the MLS All-Star game festivities and 90 minutes against the Galaxy on Sunday. What you may have missed if you weren’t paying extra close attention is one of the strongest and most heartfelt streaks of selflessness ever witnessed. But that’s just how it works with Jordan he’s not a spotlight guy, he’s eager to give to others. Just look here at this clip in the game against the Galaxy:

You’ll notice a tremendous run and even better control to beat the goalie. Then with a wide open goal in his sights what does he do? Tries to find a marked teammate streaking down the middle to pass to so he can be the one that scores. Clearly satisfied with his goal tally for the season its time to get other guys on the score sheet and that is a special brand of teammate.

Another example of the extraordinary kindness occurred while on stage at the MLS All Star game. Here he is forcing out some laughter while being asked awkward questions while the interviewer makes even weirder faces and sips a beer:

I don’t know how he does it.


This Tuesday with Morris: with that level of refusal to shoot first inside the box it may appear he’s trying to catch the eye of one Arsene Wenger and that is not something I stand for. Points deducted despite extreme altruism showcase.