Toronto FC take on rival Montreal in their second to last match of the pre-season on Wednesday afternoon. According to the Toronto FC site neither Seba Giovinco or Jozy Altidore (aka two-thirds of the Triangle of Treachery) will be playing, however, this is still a match against Montreal and that never gets taken lightly. A couple weeks back some players from the Portland Timbers and Real Salt Lake had a headlock-off in a friendly. I believe headlocks are punishable by coffee shop ban in Portland so this was a big deal and shows pre-season or not the emotions are flowing.


Given the magnitude of the occasion we caught up with Bitchy The Hawk for a score prediction for the match:

HOTFOOTY: Hi Bitchy. Looks like you’ve lost some of your migration weight…

BITCHY: ugh what a bore this is

HOTFOOTY: ok, then do you have a score prediction for Wednesday’s match?

BITCHY: negative 1 to 8 Toronto

Bitchy The Hawk Would Like a Word