TONIGHT the USMNT plays Guatemala in the next World Cup Qualifier. And as most already know, the last one, played Friday, did not go so well. The word backlash doesn’t fairly describe the sentiment toward Jurgen Klinsmann after the Friday loss. It was more of a full body dry heave set to the play-off music at the Oscars. It is safe to say some people flew off the handle and wanted Klinsmann immediately fired. We discussed that here and I believe safely navigated away from that ledge.  Quick twitter check again…

OK, some are still freaking out. In either case, the match tonight is upon us and the USMNT need a win. Well, good news…Landon Donovan is busting with confidence. I was at about a 90% confidence level before, but this just boosted me to a 100% on the Mark Messier scale of pre-game confidence.

Read it again: Remember, it’s just one bad result and we will win the next 3 games and qualify

As we get ready for the game tonight at 725pm I think some words from Bill Burr apply especially well given the circumstances of this qualifying quagmire we currently find ourselves in.

Lets go, stick to who you are. Realize you’re in a sh*t position and drop a hammer on whoever is in your way.