Tim Howard…great save, better net kick:


Tim Howard took this net outside and showed him what its like.

This is exactly how I want my goalie’s relationship with the net to be. Its like Tom Hanks in Saving Private Ryan. You know he hates Matt Damon in the movie, every time he sees him he is furious with the fact that he is there sitting all smug, perfectly pruned and unable to keep himself safe. And Tom is the one that has to protect him with everything he has.

Well everyone once in awhile when you really flex your protection muscles you’re going to have a reaction like this. This net kick was years of frustration at the goal for just being the goal. Not the goal’s fault but Tim is fed up with it. Its a one way street of providing fortress like protection. My prediction is these net kicks pick up in frequency. The goalie/goal relationship is as complicated as it gets and you don’t start down this road and turn back.