American hero and all around bald person Tim Howard is heading back to the MLS (according to reports from ESPNs Jeff Carlisle). He’s set to join the Colorado Rapids, a squad which has struggled in recent years, on a very healthy contract. More on that below. The Rapids are making a sneaky play here to be a team with potential this year. They recently picked up what could be one of the best signings in the offseason in Gashi, and the veteran Howard is going to give them a big boost behind net.

Howard, who will likely remain at Everton until the MLS transfer window in July, will probably be eager to get back to the States. He has made 400 appearances for Everton but hasn’t been great this year. He lost his starting spot midway through the Premier League season. But not too long ago he was doing magical things behind net. Anyone remember this?


Timmy, who was reportedly looking for a massive contract, is going to be settling for about $2m a year per ESPN’s sources. The Rapids are also going to be paying a fee to Everton of less than $1m to acquire him. Not too shabby for the 36 year old.  This would make him the highest paid keeper in the MLS. Considering his experience and that age isn’t as big a factor with keepers (see Petr Cech), this is probably a great move for Colorado, Howard, the MLS, and anyone making beanies in the Colorado area.


“I’m getting paid in beanies and razors?? Yessss!” – T.H.