Throwback Thursday: 2002 Nike “Secret Tournament” (Cage Match) Commercial

The “Secret Tournament” by Nike stands as one of the best soccer ad-campaigns ever. We were seniors in high school when this commercial captivated our imaginations. A different Ronaldo was king and  Brazil ended up winning the World Cup that year.

In retrospect I do not like that Totti was used as a step stool for a Thierry Henry header.

Henry has been retired since when, 2014? Totti is a year older (making him 25 in this commercial) and he is still playing for AC Roma who are in 2nd place in Serie A…pretty, pretty, prettttyyyyy impressive.

Meanwhile Ronaldo has let himself go a touch. How about Figo’s hairline? I did not realize it was possible for a hairline to intimidate me.

What a cast this was. Totti, Figo, Henry, Ronaldo, Ronaldinho and van Nistelrooy to name a few. Click here for a full list of the cast of “The Secret Tournament.”

Pour yourself a Fierce Lime Gatorade, fire up some bagel bites and enjoy.