Top 10 Soccer Videos to Watch During Winter Storm Stella

HotFooty is a national blog, but we are based in Astoria,Queens which means we are just hours away from the apocalypse. All NYC grocery stores are out of roasting chickens, pizza dough and cold cuts. There is enough salt on the street to dry up Tommy McNamara’s post-game mop. Even though this will all melt in 48 hours we are faced with the perils of sitting at home with nothing to do. Fear not because we have compiled 10 of our favorite videos to break up the monotony of Netflix binging and getting drunk during Winter Storm STELLA! If you are from warmer parts of the country enjoy…and go to hell.

We have a nice little mix for you to hit every emotion and it adds up to over an hour of soccer video goodness.

All of Suarez’s Liverpool goals. I watch this video to remember just how awesome he was as a solo act and I like to imagine how many points above Chelsea we would be if he still played for LFC.
For a little nostalgia each MLS team’s first goal. These kits though…

This video is a great exploration of the human anatomy and how many ways a 20 ft human leg can bend.

Have you ever seen a ref give a red card while lying down?

Thierry Henry speaking of not being able to defend Pirlo just warms my snow covered heart.

2010 World Cup…”The Year of Villa.” So glad this steak still sizzles in the MLS.

Xabi Alonso announced his retirement recently and his bromance with Stevie G was a great chapter in his career.

Buongiorno Totti!

Pretty emotional story of Croatian defender Dejan Lovren’s experiance in war-torn Bosnia…you may want a drink for this one. Crazy.

Ok, let’s lighten the mood with the funniest soccer clip of all time. The Sassy Ref…


Klopp laughing….the video that inspired our shirt.