Steven Gerrard Now A Columnist for UK Newspaper The Telegraph

Here’s one: Stevie G now planning to spend his days training with the LA Galaxy and his nights submitting Live Journal entries to the Telegraph in the UK. Hey Steve why not focus some of that energy here in the US and work on improving the league, both optically and fundamentally, that has recognized you as one of the top players out there. Some of the top media outlets here would love to have your insights printed on their pages…your home town LA Times, the Jeff Bezos pet project Washington Post, or how about high powered soccer news and analysis provider (ever heard of it). Seriously Steven Gerrard will you write for us? I’ll promise to never mention the time you got sent off 38 seconds after being substituted on at half time in your final appearance against arch nemesis Manchester United. Or “The Slip”  that likely cost you the Premier League title in 2014.

I don’t particularly care that he’s doing this while still playing and collecting $6M/year from the LA Galaxy. I dont fully understand it, especially since it doesn’t appear to be a Liverpool specific arrangement. And while some players wait until they retire to launch a new career maybe that’s just not for Stevie G. To his credit he has never had an off switch and never saw a chance at the spotlight (a 65 yard diagonal ball) he didn’t love. Maybe Bruce Arena can pull some local strings and get him a page in Newsday.