Soccer Mascot Monday – Tex Hooper of FC Dallas

Yeeeeehawwww! Our first ever MLS Mascot featured on #SoccerMascotMonday hails from the great state of Texas. The MLS season kicks off this week and we should take this moment to look back to 2016 when FC Dallas ran away with The Supporters Shield after topping the HotFooty Power Rankings week after week. The loss of Mauro Diaz turned the bullish offense into more of a limping steer however.  Players come and go but, the mark of a great club starts with their mascot. Let’s open up the chute and meet…


Tex Hooper

Team: FC Dallas (est. 1995)
Town: Frisco,Texas,U.S.A.
Home: Toyota Stadium (Capacity:20,500)
League: MLS
Current Position: Won 2016 MLS Supporters Shield – 1st Place
Key Features: Classic Long Horns, Healthy Pink Snout with a Birth Mark Shaped like a Red Flame on the Bridge of Nose.

FC Dallas show the proper respect for their mascot with a true bio page on their website.  I am humbled by some of these bio facts. I never thought to include such intimate details about mascots.

Tex’s favorite movie is “O Brother, Where Art Cow?” and his favorite food is grass clippings from Toyota Stadium. Don’t try and pass off any of that FIFA grade field turf from Seattle  as fresh hybrid Bermuda grass.

Hooper is more swine than bovine because he is a Ham sandwich! This is how you have to dance. Just let the music hit you and leave the rest to nature.



If you are wondering what it’s like to be Hooper. Jump inside the bull suit and go for a ride by watching video below.



#SoccerMascotMonday – Introducing the U.S. to the World’s Great Soccer Mascots.