Soccer Mascot Monday is getting a little historical today. How so? 102 years ago to the day Napoleon Bonaparte escaped from Elba and entered Paris to begin his 100-day rule. He did not do this dressed in the latest Nike kit. He escape in full dress. I am talking leather flats, junk hugging pants and a hat that gathered more head wind than Jordan Morris’s broad shoulders. To escape an island with the entire world watching you need to be as sly and swift as…


Germain Le Lynx

Team: Paris Saint-Germain (est: 1970)
Town: Paris,France
Home: Parc de Princes (Capacity 48,583)
League: Ligue 1
Current Position: 2nd Place (as of 3/20/17)
Key Features: Leopard Print Mohawk, Predator Eyes, Sleek Body and Giant Mouse-Like Ears.

I didn’t think the Parisians would have a mascot. Seems a bit tawdry in Paris. I thought they would just walk around with a Michelin-Style cheese carts for the fans. I would prefer that honestly. Get your brie here! Double creme! Get your brie!

Soccer and mascots go hand in hand however and everyone has to get on board.

I have no problem with the French. We turn our nose up at them for being pretentious. They turn their nose at us for being pompous. It’s the perfect friendship. Two people with an unending amount of joe de vivre (zest for life). There is a lot of French in our history…I always think of this scene from HBO’s John Adams when Ben Franklin is bathing with his French mistress…sums up our relationship France.

Where am I going with this? Well it turns out American mascots intimidated Germain before visiting America. After watching some videos of U.S. mascots Germain went on a crazy training regiment. See video below.




Good! It is nice to see that we are still pushing our brothers in arms.

Liberté, égalité, fraternité!


#SoccerMascot Monday introducing the U.S.A to the world great soccer mascots.