Sebastian Giovinco: the most exciting player in MLS

Sebastian Giovinco is a forward for Toronto FC and since joining in 2015 has dominated the league. He had a huge part to play in their first run to the playoffs all while breaking the single season record for combined goals and assists, winning the Golden Boot, the MLS MVP award and the MLS newcomer award. After a single season he’s got a trophy case that would make a high school football coach from Dillon, Texas sh*t a chicken.

Some quick facts about Seba:

    1. His nickname is “Formica Atomica” which means the Atomic Ant – this is the truth I did not make this up
    2. He came to Toronto FC from Italy where he was tipped to be Alessandro Del Piero’s heir and if you know anything about Alessandro Del Piero you know he was virtually an unstoppable force in Fifa ’97.
    3. Also a quick word about Fifa ’97. You shoot the ball from the right angle in that game and you could score from any distance from goal you wanted. Love that effort from the Fifa coding team, must have been on loan from the NHL ’97 unstoppable wraparound  goal crew.
    4. Seb is the MLS version of Sergio Aguero: small in stature, built like a Mongolian bush tiger, will turn any defender on a dime any where on the field, has a nose for goal like a sommelier sniffing out excess tannins
    5. With Michael Bradley in the midfield and Seba and Jozy free to do basically anything they want up top there should be plenty of excitement coming out of the Toronto FC squad this season. This Triangle of Treachery is going to be lighting up defenses all season (please stay healthy)
    6. Hey Seba, when you come to New York let me know I’ve got a crostini guy for you
    7. Here’s a recent interview with him, try to tell me he wouldn’t appreciate a good crostini
    8. Have a look at this, pure majesty. If this guy doesn’t get your loins percolating then leave here and never come back: