Champions of Europe Portugal put on a masterclass of a shi style patient, non-aggressive emphasis on means and pure focus on counterforce from advantageous positioning. None more so personified than the man Ronaldo himself. You may have thought he was careless by going back out onto the field 3 times and potentially putting his team at risk by playing effectively down a man for 20 minutes. Here’s a fact of life though. When someone is as laser focused as Ronaldo is, on playing and winning soccer games, little things like MCL tears, the need for knee stabilizing bandages and the general suspension of your team’s tactics while you limp around the field can wait. The ability to debate this point had some life, until this happened:



What can you even say about this? He’s got a baguette and fromage fed giant moth literally landing on his eyeball and he did not flinch. A fluttering, unpredictable entity penetrated his facial aura and it went completely unnoticed by him. He may not have played a part in the actual game from that point forward but one thing was obvious and that was whatever exactly happened here damaged the French team’s confidence. There’s no precedent, baby. Ronaldo’s “people” must have HATED this. Can’t have your yacht and Lamborghini persona upended by a French moth. The contract team at whatever firm insures his face has now written in a new “moth clause” in the “unusual and peculiar coverage” section.