The San Jose ‘Quakes game against LA Galaxy over the weekend belonged to one man and one man only: the announcer. And possibly more importantly the co-commentator who has no choice but to let all this happen right in his face.

This extremely unfortunate sequence of replays captures a great moment for him. You can hear near the end of the second post call he realizes he just used this line but its too late to back out now.


He seamlessly transitions from a “DOS SANTOOO – somewhere around here into- OOOALLLLL”


You have to be a maniac with an absolutely vicious disregard for humanity to be an announcer like this. How do you watch a game next to this guy knowing at anyone moment he might vocally erupt way out of proportion to the action.


We do usually focus on the guy bursting his pipes in these videos but I really want to shift to the guy sitting next to him. What do you do? There’s no defense here. You can’t hold any open container of liquid in your hand. You have to constantly be on the look out for a possible post or strong header, or whiff of scoring chance because your partner is about to scream his incisors out. Then an actual goal happens and a grown man, seemingly civil and adjusted to society, will now summon the inner banshee and you just have to sit there and take it.

You get the feeling someone had to tap this guy on the shoulder after this goal and say ok man, we’re good.