“The Premier League Lion has been given a fresh, new look”

The Premier League has just unveiled a new logo for the 2016-2017 season: it is sponsorless and has completely revolutionized the sub-saharan big cat symbol game.

You ever wake up on a Saturday morning thinking OK I’m going to get some stuff done today, really going to change from the normal routine. It’s a beaut of a day I’m not hungover and I’ve got all these hours on my side. Time is on my side. I can start reading one of these books I’ve bought, go for a run, pick up some chicken and haricots verts for the grill later.

Then its 4pm and you’re unshowered, you realize you dont even have running shoes, and you’re using A Tale of Two Cities as a plate for your cheez- its. This is what the new premier league logo is.

We’re going to create a fresh new design and a new image for ourselves going forward! We hired a crack squad of color palette experts, design savants, and safari captains, the best in the biz. They crunched the numbers and now we have it!

And here it is: its a fresh lion

I’d love to get a peek at the books to see how much was spent on printing a Mufasa head on a piece of paper. And what was the light bulb moment like when the final design was found, combing through lion images until they came across a mane they couldn’t refuse.