We often highlight the ridiculous moments in the MLS. On Episode 17 of the HotFooty Podcast Dice mentioned that a statue of Michael Jackson was erected at Fulham’s Craven Cottage.

I failed to put this in the show notes, but today I looked into this out of curiosity…

Oh dear god! I am sure this old news to people who have been following EPL for decades, but as a relatively new soccer fan (less than a decade) this is mind blowing. HotFooty is here to bring new fans to the game and up to a respectable speed.

The fact that I have been following EPL for six years and have been ignorant to this story makes me feel sick and pathetic.

If you took all of the MLS Ridiculous Moments of the last decaded and boiled them into a stew…then reduced it down to a teaspoon of demi-glace it wouldnt be as rich as this statue.

I had imagined this thing to be a full bronze statue, not this creepy full colored Madame Tussauds nonsense. If you ever find yourself arguing about the legitimacy of the MLS with a Fulham supporter this is your grenade

I mean they even went as far as to emblazon his name on the building?

Chairman Mohamed Al-Fayed commissioned and unveiled the statue in 2011!.

The Statue was removed in 2013!

Nothing enhances a ridiculous moment more than the perfect song!

I will say this: If in fact this guy was  a huge MJ fan, I can’t Hate the “If you build it, he will come” strategy to meet your hero…it worked. He got to meet MJ on his home turf.

Hoff, Dice….I am building a statue outside our Podcast Studio!