New York Red Bulls vs. Toronto FC – MLS Week 1 – Recap

New York Red Bulls 0 – 2 Toronto FC

  • what we had here was a classic case of one team mostly dominating a game but not finishing chances. RBNY had 62% of the possession and were basically given 2/3 of the field by Toronto
  • and therein lies the beauty, Toronto came in with a game plan, utilizing their new found defensive strength and absorbed pressure for most of the game. when possible they got forward and relied on the speed and skill of Giovinco and Endoh (who was terrific)
  • eventually this strategy paid off. and we saw the tortoise morph into the hare, gaining strength at the expense of the initially more aggressive Red Bull attack. A little Plinko by Giovinco in the 75th minute was a sign of things to come
  • Giovinco’s skill in placing the ball exactly where RBNY did not want it led to the penalty and he slotted it home – he then proceeded to celebrate by launching into a re-enactment of Bitchy The Hawk trying to take off after swiping up a couple pepperoni slices from the crowd.
  • the second goal was really just a sped up version of the entire match, an aggressive RBNY and a Toronto team applying the roundabout strategy of scoring by not scoring. quick shoutout to announcing savant Steve Cangiolosi for his insight that the second goal scored in the 91st minute to go up 2-0 was a “seemingly insurmountable lead” for Toronto.
  • “full” highlight package here (how hard is it to show me a replay of the penalty? wake up MSG)

Player Notes

  • Mike Grella: the Glen Cove Grinder had a…forceful game. Looks like we may have found our MLS Andy Carroll
  • Tsubasa Endoh: dangerous, attack minded at all times
  • Felipe: i consider Felipe to be the key to the Red Bull midfield. He provides a necessary differentiating factor to the red bull niacin induced attack
  • Giovinco: officially started the Giovinco party when he flicked it over 1 guy, megged the next, then tried to catch Robles out from half field