This a post where I grade Hoff’s MLS Weekend Preview. The preview post is a wonderfully put together medley of sporting preview and Hoff sass. However, like all competitors at the top of their game they must be subjected to criticism to maintain intellectual honesty and hold up the integrity of these HotFooty airwaves. Without freddy adu, here is that criticism:

Game 1: New England v. Colorado
This game was a litmus test for Hoff. A “just seeing if you were awake” type of situation. Timmy Howard was away on international duty and Zac McMath effectively had to come out of retirement from 2 months bed ridden with the #TimmyJitters and play a competitive soccer match. If Hoff did not bet against the Rapids in this situation we’d have a serious problem. Could have put out a random squad from the local U-12 Helena, Montana youth program and it would have been close. So well played Hoff on the 2-1 NE Rev win prediction. Even though like I said the prediction was as easy as breathing, it was important.

Final Grade: A

Game 2: FC Dallas v. Portland
I am going to need to grade this prediction on two scales. The first scale is the game prediction and eventual outcome. On this front Hoff nailed it. He has clearly recognized the emerging Portland pattern of win 1, lose 2 (last 8 games goes like this: W-L-L-W-L-L-W-L) that I assume is an unavoidable consequence of living in Portland and having to give back more than you take. The players have to sacrifice practice time to help with the local heritage breed, woodland raised chickens feeding them a diet of sheep’s milk, soy, and hazelnuts.

The second scale on which Hoff shall be graded is his insistence of creating different terms for the International break. So far I’ve seen “inter-duty” and “interlull”. My recap of these is: gross and gross.

Final Grade for Score Prediction: A
Final Grade for awful renaming: F