This a post where I grade Hoff’s MLS Weekend Preview. The preview post is a wonderfully put together medley of sporting preview and Hoff sass. However, like all competitors at the top of their game they must be subjected to criticism to maintain intellectual honesty and hold up the integrity of these HotFooty airwaves. Without freddy adu, here is that criticism:

Game 1: Colorado Rapids v. Real Salt Lake
After Hoff secured an A+ grade on his final game of last week’s preview he got a little chip on the shoulder. He then promptly ate that chip and almost got another one perched up there with this Colorado v. RSL prediction. Lot of Howard and Rimando talk from Hoff and they were both legit. The 1-1 score prediction was close, and some would say that maybe Hoff got lucky here because RSL missed two penalties. But I am assuming those were factored in and RSL going 0 for 2 was a given. Colorado gives away penalties like ATT rollover minutes because they have this guy doing these things.

Couple points for calling a Gashi goal and a tight scoreline headlined by goalkeeping.

Final Grade: B

Game 2: Montreal Impact v. Toronto FC
You hear that? That was Hoff falling from grace. Down a deep chute of regrettable decision making toward a Saw 2-esque used needle filled pit. A 3-1 Toronto win was the prediction and to be honest I don’t quite understand the actual final result 1-0 win for Montreal either but a prediction is a prediction. I also don’t understand how sound comes out of speakers and then I can hear it as music. But I don’t sit around questioning it. I just have to call em like I see em here in the judgment filled zone. If I had to assess the prediction’s downfall it would be underestimating the consequences of overly feisty games. Concentration is already out the window and then wild shit starts happening that only makes it worse.

Done in by the unpredictable antics of the Crown Royal Rumble.

Final Grade: D

Game 3: Portland Timbers v. Seattle Sounders

Final score of this game was 4-2 to Portland. All 4 goals coming in the first half for Portland. Realistically it could have been 6 or 7 in the first half and maybe another 3 or 4 in the second half. Here’s a quote from the predictions:

Even though Portland’s at home, and their fans put on a straight up impressive display, I can’t see Portland winning this game.

Final Grade: F-